Braces & Supports

Cam Walker (Standard and Low Top) by Ossur

Featuring a pneumatic air bladder system that inflates around the ankle to provide customized compression, the Equalizer Premium Air Walker is a simple, adjustable solution that combines functionality and superior fit into a comfortable product. Pneumatic system increases stability while decreasing pain and swelling. Air is easily adjusted to achieve desired compression and custom fit. Accommodates the swelling patterns that occur throughout the rehabilitation process. Low-profile, rocker bottom is specially engineered to help promote a natural, stable gait. Comfortable foam liner with easy hook and loop fastening straps allow for quick and easy fitting adjustments. Available in 5 sizes and 2 colors (black and grey).


Composite Wrist Brace by Bell-Horn

Provides immobilization for weak or injured wrists. Removable palmar stay and two medial/lateral stays provide maximim support and immobilization. Loop lock closures and elastic insert assure proper fit and easy one hand application. Made of a cool and breathable material. Low contour at palmar crease allows for full finger dexterity and improved grip strength. Ideal for sprains, strains, or after cast removal.


Prenatal Cradle by Prenatal Cradle Inc.

Full support for your torso, abdomen and back. Recommended by Doctors, Nurses, Midwives and Health Professionals. The Ultimate Pregnancy Support: Eases backacheGives tired tummy muscles a lift. Does not pull down on shoulders. Reduces swelling of feet and ankles. Comfort for hips & pelvic bones. Great support while exercising.  So comfortable you forget you have it on.

The Spine Brace by Bell-Horn

The Spine Brace has ergo-dynamic panels and a flexible pulley system in an intermediate brace which comfortably contour and conforms to each patient’s body. The low-friction flexible pulley system has a quick, one-hand adjustment providing controlled compression and support level. Single front closure provides easy opening and closing. Multiple level decompression, laminectomy, posterior lateral fusion.

Surgical Abdominal Binders, Paneled by FLA Orthopedics Inc.

Elastic construction with a simulated hinged stitch for a conformed, tapered fit. Hook compatible exterior for a wider range of adjustability and easy application; plush lining. Ideal for weak abdominal muscles after surgery or pregnancy. Hides well under clothing. Latex free. Color: White. Available in 9″ 3-panel or 12″ 4-panel styles. Small 30 – 45″ Medium 46 – 62″ Large 60 – 75.


TULI’S® Heel Cups by 3M

Made from TULIGEL™ and available in Standard and Heavy Duty. Sized according to wearer’s weight Tuli’s® are the only foot care products that combines shock absorbing materials with a patented shock absorbing “waffle” design. Tuli’s foot care products have been scientifically and medically designed to duplicate nature’s own shock absorbing system. Nature has provided us with specially designed columns of fat cells in our feet to absorb the shock of heel and foot strike. Tuli’s foot care products patented and unique soft waffle design performs exactly like nature. This is the reason Tuli’s are one of the leading foot care products on the market today and out-perform products made of silicone and Styrofoam. TULI’S® Instantly Relieves: Painful heel conditions and heel spurs – Sore, tired, burning, aching, feet also Painful legs and knees with any arthritic joints and shin splints, Painful nagging backaches, painful feet and legs due to pregnancy or overweight.


V2 Supporter by Prenatal Cradle Inc.

Compression therapy for vulvar varicosities or the feeling that “everything is going to fall out the bottom”. During pregnancy, vulvar varicosities can occur for many reasons.

Increased weight of the enlarged uterus sometimes creates pressure on veins in the pelvic area and interferes with the flow of blood returning from the legs. Naturally higher levels of estrogen promote growth, while increased progesterone tends to relax the smooth muscles of the vein walls. The relaxed veins can become distended and “pop out” as vulvar varicosities. Wearing the V2 supporter before rising in the morning, helps prevent excessive swelling of the vulvar veins. Doctor recommended. Adjustable for maximum comfort and support. Safe, effective, and convenient. Soft, lightweight, and machine washable (line dry). The V2 Supporter provides clinically proven compression therapy.