Compounding for Dental Medications

Compounding for Dental Medications

Compounding for Dental Medications

Compounding for the healing process involved in dental work and for pain medications allows us to provide a unique, powerful approach to your recovery—one that we believe will delight you.

Somehow, it seems, no one enjoys getting work done at the dentist. The pain and recovery following dental work is typically bad enough to dampen one’s spirits, but not bad enough to take time off and stay in bed all day. That means that you’re trying to recover from what can be rather a significant surgery while going to work, watching your kids, or generally trying to get through your busy day.

We provide our customers with compounded medications to treat a variety of ailments associated with dental pain and care. These include:

  • Compounded medications for pain
  • Compounded medications for thrush, cold sores, and dry sockets
  • Compounded lollipops to help with dry mouth and to increase gag control
  • Compounded ulcer medications
  • Compounded medications for burning mouth syndrome
  • Compounded medications that help reduce bleeding after oral surgery

We can provide all types of delivery mechanisms and specific dosages. We can also compound specific medications to adjust for anyone’s particular allergies and intolerances. If you have a dental procedure ahead, ask about some of the types of compounded medications that would benefit your recovery.


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