Compounding for Sports Medicine and Athletes

Compounding for Sports Medicine and Athletes

Compounding for Sports Medicine and Athletes

Compounding medications for sports medicine and athletic organizations can make a powerful impact on maintaining performance levels or improving an ailment in order to get back into the game. Athletics certainly includes those million-dollar players for the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates, but it also includes anyone who goes to a gym, takes part in high school sports, works out at home, or is even rehabilitating from a fall, using stationary equipment.

All of us are human. We all have aches and pains (sometimes from things as simple as sleeping awkwardly). Our pharmacy works with customers who use our compounding services to help them heal from injury and maintain peak performance in their work. We can compound medications that span the wide world of sports and sports therapy, all of which are more potent and exact at their job than over-the-counter and standard dosing alternatives.

Wounds, Cuts, and Scars

We can compound formulas that can be applied directly to wounds, cuts, and scars. These creams and gels will help heal cuts and wounds faster and more effectively, and the scar therapy creams will help reduce the appearance of scar tissue and help your body’s natural scarring recovery process to be more effective.

Locker Room Solutions

We can also compound unique formulas to help combat body odor, excessive sweating, fungal infections (such a jock itch), hemorrhoids, and other common challenges and ailments that come with playing a competitive sport. We can create topical creams to deliver non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that can deliver your pain-fighting medications directly to the injury (sparing you many of the digestive side effects common with OTC and prescription medications).

Post-surgical Compounded Medications and Treatments

We can compound formulas, medications, creams, and gels that help specifically improve tissue growth and speed up your rehab process. We’re able to combine multiple medications into topical patches that deliver medication regularly and more effectively to the tissues around the injury than do oral medications. This delivery mechanism is actually superior to oral solutions.

Can’t Tolerate Pain Medication?

Another advantage to compounding is that we can adjust a dose or change the delivery mechanism altogether to make pain medications much more tolerable than the oral, standard-size prescriptions available at most pharmacies. If you’re allergic to any dyes or ingredients, we can change the formula to accommodate you. Also, if you have young children who are injured (a common age to break a bone), we can formulate lollipops or delicious flavored solutions to help the medicine go down smoothly.


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