DHEA Hormone Replacement Therapy

DHEA Hormone Replacement Therapy

DHEA Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dehydroepiandrosterone (androstenolone), or DHEA, is the most secreted hormone in the body. This steroid hormone is the precursor to many different hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone. DHEA also plays a large part in the regulation of cortisol. On a side note, regular exercise increases the DHEA production in the body.

Some common signs that suggest you may benefit from DHEA hormone replacement therapy:

  • Low levels or loss of body hair
  • Dry eyes, hair, and skin
  • Bloated/inflated stomach
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Low or loss of sexual desire
  • Low or loss of energy
  • General weakness and difficulty building muscle

Talk with us about compounding a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy based on DHEA to help restore balance and wellness to your life. Along with your doctor, we’ll work on a compounded formula that’s designed just for you. We’ll also continue to monitor your progress and adjust your formulations to produce the most optimal effects of BHRT possible.


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