Your customized medications--flavor, dosage, and formulations.

Your Customized Medications

We are proud to provide the time-tested, custom medications that were discontinued many years ago by most pharmacists.

Our Wellness Team

The pharmacy is no longer just a place to go when you're not feeling well.

Come in and visit our Wellness Store

Our Wellness Team can help you achieve your optimum level of health so you can be in a better position to prevent illness before it starts.

Flavored Medications

We offer a variety of flavors (and lollipops) for your children.

Medications for Children

We can produce a wide variety of solutions to the common and uncommon problems parents face when it comes to medications for their kids.

Online Refills

Refill your prescription with us with our convenient online refill options.

Services for You

We aim to make your pharmacy experience as simple and robust as we can. Online refills are an easy way to reorder your prescriptions here at our pharmacy.

A Compounding Pharmacy in Pittsburgh, PA

A compounding pharmacy located in Jefferson Hills, PA, Pleasant Hills Apothecary has been providing compounded medications, traditional prescriptions, and health and wellness aids to the community for over forty years. In addition to providing both traditional and customized medications, Pleasant Hills Apothecary is your pharmacy of choice for home medical equipment, natural supplements, vitamins, and health management. We offer opportunities in medicine that other pharmacies can’t provide and we seek to make your health and the health of your family the number one reason for our being.

Pleasant Hills Apothecary is a family-owned pharmacy, having recently been inherited by the second generation of the Evancic family. Our experienced compounding pharmacists and support pharmacy staff work with you and your doctor to form a trifecta of superior care and healthy living.

Pittsburgh’s Compounding Pharamcy of Choice for Medications

We are your source for compounded prescriptions, compounded hormone replacement therapy, compounded pain management, and compounded veterinary medications. We can flavor medications for your kids, make quitting smoking easier through medicated lollipops, turn your pain pills into transdermal creams, formulate medications to exclude side-effect-causing ingredients, compound a prescription into a customized dosage, combine medications, and so much more. In addition, we have a long history of providing daily living aids and medical supplies to generations of families in the South Hills area.

We also provide prescription fulfillment and traditional medications just like you’d find at any other pharmacy. We believe strongly in healthy living, so we offer a wide selection of vitamins and supplements to keep you healthy and strong. We offer online medical options, such as online prescription refills, as well as free delivery to your home. If you happen to be traveling on work or vacation, we become your go-to mail order pharmacy, and we can deliver your traditional prescriptions to you while you’re away (we can only mail deliver compounded drugs within the state of Pennsylvania).

Compounding Drugs Takes Pharmaceutical Care to a New Level

When your prescription medications are compounded, you have a whole new tier of options available to you as a patient. You and your family can explore the options to flavor compounded medications, turn them into medicated lollipops (we have a wide variety of flavors available), remove specific ingredients, or change the delivery mechanism (for instance, if a pain medication upsets your stomach, we can likely compound it into a skin cream instead—and have it be more effective).

Decades of Drug and Prescription Expertise in Compounding Medications

Our greatest strength lies in our work as a compounding pharmacy, but we’ve had decade after decade to expand our offerings and deliver the complete pharmacy experience that has kept us in business over multiple generations. Come in and visit us and learn why Pleasant Hills Apothecary is so unlike any pharmacy you’ve been to before.

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The Advantages of Compounded Prescription Drugs


Flavored Medications

We’ll compound your children’s medications to their favorite flavor and help everyone get more sleep.


Pet Medications

Here at Pleasant Hills Apothecary, we can compound medications for your pets, too.


Allergy-free Medications

Allergic to a specific ingredient in a medication? We can compound your medication to avoid ingredients that cause allergic reactions.


Pinpoint Accuracy in Dosage

Compounding medications allows us to produce exact dosages specifically for you.


Combining Medications

It’s possible that we may be able to compound your multiple medications into one pill, too!


Pain Management

Compounding medications can help with pain management–ask us how!

Your Complete Pharmacy

The Pleasant Hills Apothecary is your partner in all things health and wellness.

Let our compounding pharmacy work with you to develop a wellness plan for you and your family. We’ll discuss your medications, vitamins, and lifestyle changes that will lead to the healthiest version of you.

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Our Vitamin Shop

Vitamins are more than just a way to enjoy eating your favorite Flintstone’s characters.

Vitamins are essential for normal cell function, growth, and development. Vitamin deficiencies can cause health issues. Let’s talk about how we can help you and your family find the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals.

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Our Ongoing Compounding and Prescription Research

One of the greatest strengths of Pleasant Hills Apothecary is our constantly growing data bank of physician and pharmaceutical research. This ever-changing resource helps to keep us up-to-date on the latest in medical, pharmaceutical, fitness, and nutrition studies and, allows us to better meet your pharmaceutical needs as a leading compounding pharmacy in Pittsburgh. It also allows us to provide you with current, reliable, and understandable medical information that we know will be useful to you as you make important lifestyle and healthcare choices.

The role of any good pharmacy, compounding or traditional, is to constantly evolve. New medications and treatments are available and generally unknown to the public. We seek to learn about new compounded and traditional medications and treatments in hopes to help educate our customers, and we invite doctors to talk with us about our expertise. We work closely with your physician to deliver compounded medications that are either as effective or more effective than your traditional prescriptions, and we dedicate a good part of our time to compounding, implementing, and monitoring hormone replacement therapy in patients who require more than standard pharmaceuticals.

Veterinary Compounding for Pets: Dogs, Cats, Birds, and More

We take great pride in delivering compounded medications for pets and farm animals. We feel that animals have as much of a right to a healthy, full life as humans, and we are honored to work closely with veterinarians to compound medications that help give that happy life to pets and other animals. We can compound medications for pets just like we do for humans—changing dosages, ingredients, flavoring, and so on. We can also help animals by creating medications that are not widely available or that may have been discontinued by major drug companies due to poor demand.

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Compounding for Hormone Replacement Therapy

We are Pittsburgh choice pharmacy when it comes to compounding for hormone replacement therapy. We can compound bio-identical hormone replacement therapy medications for you or a loved one that helps to restore depleted levels of hormones in your system. We work closely with your doctor to compound your drugs and constantly monitor your results and reactions while you are taking hormone replacement medications. We encourage each patient to research HRT and work with a knowledgeable doctor to develop the right level and duration of compounded hormone replacement medication needed to fit one’s specific needs.

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