Sexual Health and Wellness

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Sexual Health and Wellness

Sexuality has been part of the human experience since time began. More than a source of highly pleasurable feelings and conception, sex and intimacy help to regulate our psychological well-being, our physical health, and our overall outlook on life. While we may not think of it, a loss of libido or sexual dysfunction is more than a symptom of a larger problem—it’s a medically significant event in itself.

While there are a lot of companies, medications, support groups, and devices designed to help improve  sexual well-being, no one can quite contribute as much as a compounding pharmacy.

Using our unique ability to compound medications that specifically address your needs—from erectile dysfunction to challenges resulting from menopause—allows us to provide you a solution second-to-none to restore your sexual activity and vigor. We can work with specific medications and delivery methods to fix hormonal imbalances, address the loss of libido, promote penile function and vaginal lubrication, reduce pain during intercourse, care for post-operation patients (cosmetic surgeries, hysterectomies, mastectomies, etc.), anorgasmia, infertility, and more. We also can compound medications that help address sexual anxiety. We can compound bioidential hormones to address sexual dysfunction as a result of hormone imbalances.

Additionally, we have a wide variety of services and compounded medications that best serve women as they go through the stages of childbirth. Talk with us if you experience problems with nausea/vomiting/ morning sickness, perineal pain, smoking cessation, drug cessation, breastfeeding, hemorrhoids, and any other problem that may arise during your pregnancy or post-delivery months. We have a wide variety of solutions available to us as a compounding pharmacy dedicated to the most cutting-edge knowledge and technology. Let us help make your life easier and healthier during and after your pregnancy.

Nearly everyone will experience sexual health problems at least once in a lifetime. This statistic grows even more as one gets older. Some may still consider the subject taboo to discuss, and many people simply prefer to keep their sexual health a secret. At Pleasant Hills Apothecary, we understand your desire for privacy and your sensitivity to discuss potential problems that may exist. We provide private, one-on-one consultations that specifically address your needs in a safe, confidential environment. We believe fully that your sexual choices and desires are yours to make. Whatever brings you happiness (without being a significant danger to your health—we always recommend protection) is the right choice, and we welcome and respect the diversity in tastes and practices that make up human sexuality.

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Using our unique ability to compound medications that specifically address your needs can change your sexual wellness in very positive ways. Contact us to learn more about what we can do.