Our Health and Wellness Team

pleasant hills apothecary wellness team

Our Health and Wellness Team

While most pharmacies would find themselves more profitable from a sickly clientele, we would rather have a roster of healthy and strong customers. We are a pharmacy by trade, but our reasons for being in the pharmacy business for so long are not based on profits. What is important to us is to bring good health and a hopeful, bright future to all of our customers. While we offer a wide selection of compounded medications, standard pharmacy options, and rehab and medical products, we want to stress to our customers that health isn’t just about recovering from your illnesses, but about making the right decisions and lifestyle changes that will prevent future diseases, injuries, and other medically significant setbacks (such as stress, insomnia, difficult menopause experiences, and so on).

Our pharmacy staff is led by a doctor and second-generation pharmacist, Kevin Evancic, Pharm. D.  We constantly focus our continuing education programs, training, and development around improving the wellness of our customers. We want to be a strong partner in that powerful change that helps you arrive at the place you’ve always wanted to be. From weight loss suggestions to nipple creams for breastfeeding moms, we want to redefine the challenges that you face in your daily life and bring light to solutions and lifestyle changes that will make a remarkable impact in your life. We want to help make your New Year’s Resolutions a reality.

Our wellness team is ready to meet with you, one-on-one, to discuss your medical challenges and share how our compounding pharmacy can help improve your chances of integrating healthy choices into your life while opening your eyes to new possibilities that make doing so much easier. For example, did you know we can compound pain medication into a transdermal crème that will help reduce the digestion-related side effects of the medication? This simple change can reduce nausea and vomiting, and could allow someone to exercise and recover more easily while taking pain medications. We have countless suggestions just like this waiting for you!

Feel free to contact us and set up an appointment to meet about your health. It doesn’t have to take much time, but the suggestions and ideas we can offer will help put your goals within reach and make developing a healthy you much easier.

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Your pharmacy should be more than a place to go when you’re sick. Our country is behind thinking that you only treat illness. A lot of “treating illness” is preventing it before it happens–something that Pleasant Hills Apothecary is ready to partner with you on. Contact us to learn more!