Medicated Lollipops

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Medicated Lollipops

Medicated lollipops at Pleasant Hills Apothecary have been something we’ve making for our customers for a long time. We offer sugar-free electrolyte lollipops, nicotine lollipops, nystatin lollipops, pilocarpine lollipops, tetracaine lollipops (the “sore throat sucker”), zinc/vitamin C lollipops, and much more. Our favors include strawberry, lemon-lime, raspberry, cinnamon, green apple, peppermint, cherry, strawberry cheesecake, watermelon, spearmint, and much more.

Smoking Cessation with Medicated Lollipops

We have seen amazing success in nicotine lollipop usage as a means of smoking cessation. The lollipops still provide the oral fixation and hand-to-mouth action that is so familiar to smokers. Furthermore, the delivery method allows smokers to control the amount of nicotine they are ingesting (where even the gum is typically chewed as an entire piece). Furthermore, the dosage of nicotine gum can be too much for some, as well as the continuous delivery of nicotine found in patches.

When you have an urge to smoke, use a lollipop instead. The urge will quickly pass, and the lollipop can be returned to its child-proof container for another time. This allows you to stop smoking without giving up the motions and oral fixation that is so habitual to any smoker. The lollipops use the same nicotine polacrilex found in the commercially manufactured products.

For those who use medicated lollipops to stop smoking, the rate of cessation is markedly increased.

Compounding Medications in Lollipops

The entire spectrum of medicated lollipops is surprisingly wide. From saliva stimulation to anti-anxiety medications and from smoking cessation products to anti-fungals, our medicated lollipops can help children and adults alike to enjoy their medications in ways not thought of before.

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