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One-on-one Drug Consultations

Here at Pleasant Hills Apothecary, one-on-one drug consultations are something we’re glad to have with all of our customers. Many times, a physician will prescribe a medication for you with the intention that the medication will best help meet your needs. But what happens when you add an over-the-counter cold remedy to that medication? And what happens when your diet reduces the effectiveness of certain medications? Sometimes, doctors may not be aware of some of the relative contraindications that exist among medications, and sometimes doctors may not be fully aware of all the medications you’re currently taking (as in the case of an urgent care emergency).

The Pleasant Hills Apothecary’s Drug Plan

We’ll sit down with you and develop a plan that’s right for you. We’ll go over the medications you are taking, the possible interactions you’ll face (such as adding an OTC medication to the mix), the diet changes you may want to consider, and vitamins and minerals that you may want to supplement in your diet due to what can be depleted by medications.

You’ll be able to ask us about side effects, warning signs, and more. If you ever wondered if you were reacting badly to a medication or if you should just “wait it out as your body adjusts,” then our one-on-one consultations are perfect for you.

Your Time Is Important to Us

We do realize how busy your days can be and how coming into the pharmacy for a sit-down meeting might not be convenient.  We’ll be glad to consult with you over the phone or by email, just as we would in person, if that better works for your busy schedule. What’s important to us is you, so in whatever way  we can work with you to carefully examine all your medications and your health, we’re glad to do so.

A Compounding Pharmacy Advantage

During our consultation, we may be able to discover ways to reduce side effects or combine medications for you. We can change the dosage, the formulation, or other qualities (even the taste) of medications to better work with your body’s specific design.

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