Compounding Medications for Children

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Compounding Medications for Children

Compounding medications for kids has changed the way parents help their children through illnesses. While today’s parents may remember getting specific medications and delivery methods that came from a pharmacy, technological advances in compounding have truly changed all of that. Today, compounding pharmacies can change so much about medications, and it’s important for parents to know how effective these variations can be in helping their children.

“Yuck! I’m Not Taking That”

The biggest surprise many parents experience is that we can flavor medication and/or change the delivery method (including transdermal medications, which take oral medications and turn them into a skin crème or gel). Compounding medication into lollipops is a huge hit with parents and toddlers alike, and we offer a wide selection of delicious flavors. (We have kids, too, and don’t feel anything should taste bad if it doesn’t need to.) Your kids can pick their own flavors of liquid medications or lollipops, and we’ll change everything you know about those late-night moments when your child doesn’t want to swallow a medication.

Sometimes medications are really expensive, and it is only after you purchase them that you find out your child can’t swallow a pill. You can bring in such a medication, and we’ll compound the remaining pills into a liquid or lollipop form (when applicable), saving your child unneeded suffering and saving you a lot of money.

Small Children Need Medications, Too

Sometimes a child will need a small amount of a medication that typically isn’t made for someone that young. We can compound specific dosages to address a need for a medication in a tiny body that’s not developed to handle even the smallest available standard-size dose.

Compounding for Those Allergic to Medications

Compounding allows us to create specific formulations of a medication. We can compound popular medications into a sugar-free version. We can make medications that are dye-free. We can create dosages that are smaller than standard-size dosages to help reduce side effects. We can sometimes  combine multiple medications into one dose, making medicine time much easier for parents and children alike.

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Compounding can be such a wonderful help for children who have specific medical needs. We take great care to help you through all your medical needs with the care and love you expect from the Pleasant Hills Apothecary. Contact us to learn more.