Pleasant Hills Apothecary About Us

Who We Are

Pleasant Hills Apothecary in Pittsburgh, PA, is a full-service, compounding pharmacy dedicated to partnering with you to create the healthiest version of you and your family. We offer a considerable amount more than other pharmacies in terms of our pharmaceutical offerings, especially in the area of compounding medications. We also offer a wide variety of medical products from rehabilitation equipment to wheel chairs. We flavor medications for your children. We offer free delivery to your door. We have an entire wellness team who is ready to meet with you to discuss what you can do to maintain and improve your health. We offer one-on-one consultations to discuss your medications and how they impact your life. It’s important to us to provide that deep level of care so that we can accompany you through your life’s journey at each and every step.

Our History

Pleasant Hills Apothecary was founded by Ken Evancic in 1975. He was determined to provide a higher level of personal pharmaceutical care for the greater South Hills area. For every year since, Ken and the Pleasant Hills Apothecary have lovingly and passionately helped the families of our community.

Since then, the amazing people of Pleasant Hills (and beyond) have become family to us. We’ve grown so closely to our customers, joining them in their personal medical journeys for over 40 years. We’ve watched teenagers grow into grandparents, and we’ve been there every step of the way. We look forward to doing so all over again, with a new generation of care to our customers.

Today, the pharmacy is owned by Ken’s children, Kevin and Melissa. We proudly carry the traditions and dedication that our father established all those years ago, and we work hard to be the best pharmacy you can find.

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What We Offer

Medication compounding for you and your family

The scientific art of preparing personalized medications for patients

Compounded Medications

We can formulate medications for you, your family, or your pets with specific dosages, flavors, and custom ingredients.

Free Delivery

Have your medications brought directly to your door.

Free Medication Delivery

We know it’s hard to get out when you don’t feel well, especially in the cold. Let us deliver your medications to your door, instead.

One-on-one Drug Consultations

We'll develop a medication plan that's designed specifically for you

A custom-designed plan just for you

Every body is different, and how you process medications is unique to you. We’ll put together a plan to reduce side effects while maximizing your medications’ benefits.

Daily Dose Packaging

You’ll find that you no longer forget to take all your medications.

Advanced packaging for ALL of your medications

Our custom packaging separates your pills by time and day, so you have an easy way to make sure you’re getting all the medications you need, exactly when you need them.

Online Refills

Fast and simple online refills are available from our pharmacy to your door.

Refill your prescriptions online

We provide fast, easy online refill options online, saving you time and energy when it comes to refilling your medications.

A Dedicated Wellness Program

Good health is more than just curing illnesses, and our team will show you why.

Your good health begins with us

We believe that good health is a life-long dedication to the right habits, diet, and supplements. We’ll work with you to build a plan that leaves you as healthy and happy as you’ve ever been.

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What People Say About Us

A great little secret in Pleasant Hills. Not the biggest store in the world, but probably the store with the biggest heart. Everyone here goes out of their way to give extra attention to their customers, they are very educated, and when they talk about providing a warm place for customers, they mean it. Just loving, wonderful people here.

Cheri A.

Very knowledgeable. Very friendly. They know my name and my medical history and don't even need to look me up in the computer. I think that's how a pharmacy should be. Don't go to Giant Eagle or CVS, go to the Apothecary!

John T.

We've been coming to the Apothecary since we moved here in 1983, and they've taken great care of me and my husband, as well as our kids. They are darling people who deserve all the success they've had.

June W.

I can't thank Ken and the gang enough. They've done wonders for me with custom hormone replacement. I have stills disease and they've been able to help me when everyone thought there was a good chance I could die. They are wonderful people.

Regina B.

My kid fell out of a tree and needed a medication for an infection that they don't usually make for children. Kevin was able to help us create the medication from scratch and we didn't have to drive hours away to find it. Been a customer ever since.

Frank B.

My Review: The Pleasant Hills Apothecary has got great prices, great people, and great service. It's sad that I'm usually sick when I go here but that's what they do and they do it well.

Ashley G.

Always extremely helpful and friendly. If they don't have what you need, they will find it for you. I just ordered plastic adult bibs from them and they were 1/2 the price that I could get them for on the internet! They compound medications for creams that I use for pain which I couldn t find anywhere else. Anytime you need something, contact them. If they don t have it, they will get it for you.

Audrey S.

I found this pharmacy because I needed a place to compound meds for my cat and there aren't many that do. The service is excellent, scripts are filled fast. Free delivery service. They also sell a lot of medical supplies.

Maria J.